Can I Use My Guitar Amp As A Speaker?

When you have to transmit sound to further areas, you will need a special device. This device is supposed to enhance the sound signal to long distances. This helps a lot when a large audience is involved, either when they are listening to music or in a conference or any other reason.

The guitar amp is normally used to transmit the sound signals produced by a guitar. But, there are suggestions of whether this device can be used to transmit sound signals like a speaker. Fortunately, the guitar amp can be used as a speaker when it is plugged in correctly. Although, you will not achieve the proper sound of a speaker it will still serve the purpose.

The device preferred for such a task is the speaker. The speaker is very efficient in enhancing sound signals although, sometimes you will not necessarily need a speaker. There can be very many reasons why you might not have a speaker. However a backup plan if such a situation emerges is the use of a guitar amp.

What Is A Guitar Amp?

Modern technology keeps improving each and every day. It has grown in all aspects of our lives, in motoring, industrial growth, agriculture and many other fields. One field that has also been improved by the growth of technology is the music industry.

Music has been there for a very long time. There have been many people who have made a fortune out of music. But these musicians sometimes need to perform to large audiences. Unfortunately, their musical instruments, such as the guitar cannot transmit sound over long distances. This is why the guitar amp was invented, to strengthen the weak signal to further distances.

What Is The Difference Between Guitar Amps And Stereo Speakers?

Guitar amps and stereo speakers can both be used to amplify sound signals, but the following should be considered;

  1. Stereo speakers are passive which means they lack their own internal amplification. On the other hand, guitar amps are powered and receive sound signals from the guitar.
  2. The stereo speakers produce more sound than the guitar amp. This is because the stereo speakers produce sound at a higher frequency.
  3. The stereo speakers are much simpler to connect because their cables are much more available.
  4. Due to the low frequencies of the guitar amps, it uses up less power than the stereo speakers.

How To Use A Guitar Amp As A Pa Speaker?

As mentioned before, the guitar amp can actually be used as a speaker. This could be done in the event that you do not need a speaker. But, it should be known that speaker amplify better signals than guitar amps. The steps below can be used to use a guitar amp as a speaker;

  • Connect the audio player to the auxiliary input using a 3.5mm cable.
  • Turn the master volume on your guitar amp down to a fairly low level.
  • Turn the volume on your audio player down.
  • Hit play on your audio player and gradually raise the volume.

How To Connect Computer To Guitar Amp?

Connecting a computer to a guitar amp can be done in the following easy steps;

  • Insert your normal guitar cable into your guitar.
  • Plug the second end of the guitar cable into the input port of your pre-amp.
  • Insert a 1/8” stereo cable into your pre-amp’s PA out or line-out port.

Can You Plug Headphones Into A Guitar Amp?

With the current remarkable growth in technology, anything is possible. Nowadays, people are interested in trying very many new things. Among these things is to try to connect some headphones into a guitar amp. Fortunately, it is possible to plug the headphones into a guitar amp. These are some of the modifications done by the manufacturers.

Can You Connect A Microphone To A Guitar Amp?

This is just another thing that has been interesting to do. They have made some particular jacks that make it possible for one to accomplish this task. You can create a makeshift PA by plugging the microphone to the guitar amp. This process depends on the type of plug at the end of your microphone.

Can A Simple Speaker Be Modified Into A Guitar Amp?

Many things can be achieved with a focused mindset. Unfortunately, some things just have to wait for their time. There are things that people wish could be done, but not everything can be accomplished. There are those who wish to know whether a simple speaker can be modified into a guitar amp. This seems quite simple and achievable.

 Unfortunately at the moment, this will have to wait for its time. Simple speakers cannot be modified into guitar amps. This is due to the fact that a speaker has no amp in it which makes it a bad idea.

What Is The Difference Between A Guitar Amplifier And A Speaker?

The guitar amp and the speaker might seem to be quite similar. But that is not the case. The guitar amp and the speaker have quite some differences which distinguishes them individually. The differences between this two are not so large. One might even think that they are almost the same with just a single glance at the two.

 These two have one main difference; this is that the amplifier has a powered circuit. This circuit makes the incoming signal louder. On the other hand, the speaker turns the amplified signal into sound which is what we listen to.

Can You Play The Guitar On A Normal Speaker?

The sound produced by the guitar is normally not so loud. It cannot be heard in large audiences like when performing in a concert with many people. The sound produced by the guitar needs to be amplified so that it can be listened to by many people.

Normally, it is advisable to connect the guitar to the amp. This will enable the sound to be more clear and fun to listen to. However, you do not necessarily need to connect your guitar to your amplifier. You can improvise by connecting it to the speaker which is very easy.


The growth of technology has really helped in the improvement of the music industry. It has also made the audio experiences in our everyday lives to become much better. The improvements being made on the audio devices are just remarkable.

Long ago, it was quite difficult to play music that could be transmitted over long distances. But today this is made possible with devices such as the speaker and the guitar amp. They amplify sound signals over long distances. This makes it possible to have things like concerts and the like. Fortunately, these things just keep getting better.

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