Can You Make Music With Just a Laptop?

Music is an interesting tune that people listen to for either enjoyment or as part of their daily work. Music can be made in so many ways both modern as well as traditional instruments. Some of these traditional instruments are like the drums, the guitars and many others. Music is also made by the modern electrical equipment. This is as a result of the growing technology. Equipment that can be used for this purpose is such as mixers and many others.

Nowadays, the rate of technological development is very high. The most common tool being used in making music is a laptop. A laptop can be used to make music if only the appropriate software is available. A laptop is good for making music if it has a large memory. At the same time, it can be used for live performances. Therefore, it can be agreed that making music with a laptop is possible.

Can You Make Music With Just a Laptop?

Music can be made with different typ2es of modern equipment. The mode in question is via the use of a laptop. Can music be really made by just a laptop? Fortunately, it can. Making music with a laptop is very ideal. All you need is a laptop and to download the recommended software.

How Can I Make a Song?

The different ways used to make a song are follows;

  1. Start working on the chords first. Although, the chords might be uninteresting to some people. But, the chords should not necessarily please everyone. Just focus on making chords that are pleasing according to you.
  2. Create a melody first as it is especially essential in a song. It makes the song memorable to the listeners. You will also apply the chords that were created earlier.
  3. Look into creating lyrics that correspond well with the melody of the song. Usually, the lyrics are said to seem like a poem. However, this should not necessarily be the case. You can take it a new level.
  4. Begin your song with an instrumental background hook. This provides an amazing intro to your song.
  5. Borrow something from an old folk song. This is quite simple because you do not need special permissions. You can use the melody of the song to make yours better.
  6. One can also borrow something from a classical music such as a chord progression. If the tune of a classical song is altered, it seems new.

What Do You Need to Make Music On Your Laptop for Free?

Making music on your laptop is quite simple with the rate of technological development today.  Using a laptop to make music is both convenient and cheap. Software developers have created apps that can be used for such a task. But before going ahead to download the apps, one should make sure that the laptop has enough memory to support them.

As mentioned earlier, with the right apps and tools, you can make music with a lot of ease. This is possible with the help of the following apps. One needs to have virtual Launchpad simulators, music mixers, virtual instrument simulators and many others. You will also need to have a good condenser mic and a good headphone.

Unfortunately, most laptops have a time lag when recording the music. This makes it difficult to record the background music and to sing. But this can be easily resolved. With a decent laptop, a basic recording kit, an instrument like a Launchpad or a synthesizer can save you the time of going to a local studio.

Basically, the only things that one needs are as follows;

  1. A good laptop
  2. An audio interface
  3. A decent microphone
  4. A good quality headphone
  5. A digital audio workstation

Can You Make Music on Your Computer Without Instruments? How?

With today’s modern technology, such a task is easy to accomplish. This is possible with the use of the computer software. Music can be made without instruments in three ways. They are as follows;

  1. One can try to make loop-based music. This kind of music existed before personal computers. This music can be made better with the modern computers. This is done by looping short recordings of music. Using pre-recorded loops has brought the rise of many styles of popular music. An example of this music is hip hop and techno. These programs are available for making loop-based music;
  2. Ableton Live
  3. Apple’s Garageband and Logic Studio
  4. Cakewalk Sonar
  5. MIDI sequencing has been around for a long time. It was used before computers were able to handle audio directly. Although, it is still being put in use today. When playing a MIDI sequence, the musical events need sounds from somewhere. This may be from an external sequencer, but commonly comes from the software. To get loops for MIDI sequencing, the following programs might be useful;
  6. Ableton Live
  7. Apple’s Garageband and Logic Studio
  8. Cakewalk Sonar and Project5
  9. Cockos’ REAPER
  10. One can also make a style-based music which is a branch of MIDI sequencing. All you need is to type in the chord progression. Later you need to select a musical style and tempo. The arrangement can later be enhanced by adding fills and selecting the preferred notes. It is a very simple way of making music

How to Make Music on Laptop for Free

Developing technology has made it easier for people to make music. The following can be used to describe how to go about it:

  1. Plan the track carefully. This should be done by considering the genre of music that is desired
  2. Build the foundation with a bassline, a combination of low-tone pitches and percussion instruments. This gives you a layout on which you will build your song on.
  3. Come up with a melody, the main part of the track. This can be done with one instrument or voice. It should sync with the pulse of the bassline.
  4. Choose one or two musical instruments to add harmony to the track. They should be added at different points of the track.
  5. Highlight your favorite areas. This can be done by adding volume to certain areas to emphasize suitable parts of your track.
  6. Assemble the different parts of your track and try to fit it well. This should be done on your DAW.

What Laptop is Best for Making Music?

Many people love making and listening to music. However, very few people can afford to go to studios to record a song. Software developers have therefore sought to solve this problem. They have developed different software to help people make music on laptops. However, not every laptop has the same capability of making music of the same level. Laptops with different capabilities have been ranked in the following order;

  1. MacBook Pro
  2. Microsoft Surface Book 2
  3. HP ENVY x360
  4. ASUS VivoBook Slim
  5. Lenovo ThinkBook 14s

There are many other laptops that can do the job, but these are the best.


It therefore be concluded that making music with a laptop is quite easy. This is possible when one is more connected to the right software. The laptop should also be capable of accomplishing the task and should also have the right memory. It also needs the appropriate software as mentioned in the segment above.

Making music with a laptop is very cheap and easy. Many music makers are opting for such methods instead of spending a lot of time and money when going to studios. This is therefore a dream that has come true, especially for those who love making music.

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