Is Guitar Easy To Learn?

Acoustic guitars are really cool and fun. They make great music. They produce a sound that easily conveys deeper meaning to music than the song itself. At the same time, depending on the size of your guitar, it is possible to carry it around wherever you go. This makes it your closest companion even at your lowest point in life.

Unless you are thinking of becoming a virtuoso, learning to play the guitar is pretty easy. As students learn several songs and grasp chords, it becomes much fun and hence, their passion grows even more. However, this is not set to be the same with all students as we are all different.

There are those who will grasp the chords much easier than others. This doesn’t mean that the quick learners are better than the slow learners as they are all good in their own ways.

Playing the guitar makes life easy for you and it also goes a long way into creating your sensitivity to music. Regardless of your age, you will always love the sound that comes from a well-tuned and perfectly played acoustic guitar.

Is Guitar Easy to Learn?

Learning to play the guitar seems to get easier with time. Learning to play guitar proves to be quite a challenge in the beginning but as time goes by, the burden lessens. According to many experts, playing guitar is honestly much easier compared to many other musical instruments.

Just similar to other things in life, you must have a well-defined purpose of taking the lessons as this becomes your driving force. Some people take the course as a career while others take it as a constructive way of passing the time. However, the best and the most legible driving force is passion.

The more passionate about learning and playing guitar the easier it will be and vice versa.

How much time will it Take to Learn a Guitar?

This is a very tricky question to answer, bearing in mind that we are all different. While many people take three to six months to learn guitar, there are those that might take even longer. This is because our understanding is different and so is our patience and strong will.

There are many people who have started the guitar lessons and one or two months down the line, they drop it. At the same time, our exposure matters a lot. If we have enough time to practise and have a guitar anytime we need one, it will take a shorter time compared to those who don’t have one.

Although we cannot give a clear time limit, two months can be set as enough time for learning the basics. This time limit, however, only applies to people who are able to receive several classes in a week and also to quick learners.

Is It Hard to Learn a Guitar by Yourself?

Learning how to play guitar can prove to be a big challenge for beginners. With time, the excitement and the milestone become your driving force. Anytime you are able to grasp a chord change, the feeling of listening to that new sound is so fulfilling. Once you get the basics right, it will be much fun to do extra practise by yourself.

They say practice makes perfect. Hence, the best way of ensuring you perfect your skills is by doing constant practise even when alone. The more time you spend on your guitar, the more confident you gain and the better you become. For you to get things right, you need to also be acquainted with learning different styles of music.

Learning guitar by yourself helps you become more comfortable with your guitar and hence making you a better student. Always spare some time to learn a chord or two before your next class.

Is Guitar Easy to Play?

Playing guitar is not only easy, but it is also fun. This will, however, highly depend on the guitar you choose to start with. Some guitars are easy to play while others can prove to be a great challenge for a beginner. Although any guitar is better than none, there are some that are fit for a beginner than others.

The best guitar to be used by a beginner is the one that you are comfortable with. Although many people feel electric guitars are better than acoustic ones, it is all a personal choice but it is also good to be flexible.

Is It Easier to Learn Guitar or Piano?

A genuine piano teacher will tell you that piano seems to be a bit easier to learn compared to guitar. This is because memorising the notes on a piano proves to be much easier compared to guitar. This makes it the best to learn for young kids as well as adults who are not well acquainted with music.

There are, however, a few things that help you in your final decision of which tool to start with. One of the major guidelines is the passion of an individual. If you are more passionate about guitar, you will find it easier to start with than piano and vice versa.

If you are able to read the music sheet correctly, it will make your guitar lessons much easier. The other thing that you will also need to learn will be the arrangement of notes on each string as they are all different.

Can I Learn Guitar in 3 Months?

Whether or not you’ll be able to learn guitar in three months highly depends on an individual. Personally, it took me around four months to grasp the basics in four lessons.

If you are a quick learner, you can be able to learn the most important lessons about guitar. It also is a factor of what exactly you want to learn. If you are taking guitar playing as a profession, three months might not be enough to call yourself a profession.

Within three months, one is able to learn the basics of guitar playing as well as playing a few songs. It is also possible to learn the basic chords and scales with enough hard work and dedication. Some of the things you can learn within the first three months include;

  • Two hand coordination.
  • Do a few Fret exercises.
  • Learn different scales starting with the C major scale followed by the A minor scale.
  • Learn chords like; Cmaj, Amin, Emaj, Emin etc.

Challenges of learning guitar

Learning how to play a guitar has its challenges. While some are managed by your focus towards your progress, others are on having the right materials as well as getting enough time with your guitar.

One of the main challenges of learning how to play a guitar is inadequate practice time. Consistency is key in getting to learn a guitar. About 30-60 minutes each day will get you in track with your guitar playing. Otherwise, you get stalled totally the whole of your life.

The other challenge is song choice for each level of guitar playing. Choosing the right songs for each level of playing help in not getting to a stalemate that discourages one from pursuing their desires. Knowing to play a song encourages one to go to the next.

Changing between chords challenges every beginner at the start. An increased devotion towards doing the same thing over and over again will get you going.

Beginners also struggle with skipping strings often because they haven’t put their plucking act together. A little more time on perfecting the act helps in overcoming this challenge.

The last challenge to ever beginner is Barre Chords. Getting to play barre chords when your hands have put their act together helps in faster learning.


Playing guitar is not only fun and involving but also demanding. The fact that it seems a bit difficult in the beginning is not enough reason to quit. The secret of getting it right is being patient and developing passion in your lessons as well as hardworking and persistent.  

When looking for a trainer, take time and do enough research to ensure you get the best in town. Spare some time to do personal training to ensure you’re always a step ahead of your teacher. This gives you a smooth session and helps you learn more within a short time.

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