Is It Better To Learn Acoustic Guitar Before Electric?

Music is one of the most powerful aspects in our lives. Music is important because it can be used to stir very different emotions in someone. In the past, people played some types of music for different occasions. Sad music was played during funerals, happy music was played during weddings, naming ceremonies and birth ceremonies. Also aggressive music was played before going for war.

Since acoustic guitar offer you audible sound while playing them without plugging into an amplifier, they form the best way to star learning your guitar. You can carry your acoustic guitar with you anywhere you would like to. As such you get to do your practice anywhere at any time.

On the other hand, it is never wrong to start your guitar playing with an electric guitar. So long as you have access to a guitar combo or an amplifier connected to a speaker you are good to go. Others often employ the use of headphones plugged into an effect machine or an audio interface. All this is to get to hear what you are playing clearly.

Are Acoustic Electric Guitars Good For Beginners?

At the moment, the steel-stringed acoustic guitar is the best guitar to start with. Although there are a few beginners who choose to go through the tough way, they decide to start their music classes using electric guitars.

Beginners are the few people who have never had a touch on these instruments but they highly desire to do a few lessons. If you have faith in your abilities, then you can decide to deal with the acoustic electric guitar. Once you get good at it, it becomes more fun and interesting to play.

Is It Hard To Learn Electric Guitar?

Although the steel-stringed acoustic guitar is the easiest guitar to learn, the electric guitar is also very easy to learn with. The electric guitar is easy to learn with because it is smaller than the acoustic guitar. This makes it very easy to handle, carry around and it much more comfortable to play.

The small issue with the electric guitar is that its chords are a bit more difficult to use. Because of the guitar’s smaller size, the chords are much closer to each other which make them difficult to play. Though with practice, this will not be a big problem.

Why Acoustic Is Better Than Electric?

The acoustic guitar is not considered to be that much better than electric guitars. Although, the acoustic guitars have their own advantages the electric guitars have too. First of all, the strings of the guitars are spaced more and playing the musical instrument is much easier.

The guitar is also quite good because it produces a better sound than the electric guitar. For this reasons, the acoustic guitar is considered to be easier to learn with. The guitar has acquired a lot of fame for these particular reasons. Making music with acoustic guitar is pleasant and very easy, its sound is very good.

If I Can Play Acoustic Guitar Can I Play Electric

Many people prefer to learn how to play the guitar using an acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar is considered to be the best to learn with. But, there are those that are interested with playing the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar. Once you have perfected playing the acoustic guitar, playing the electric guitar is also possible.

This is because the same concept is applied in playing these guitars. However, there will be a period where you will have to adapt to the technique. This is because the electric guitars have thinner strings, and are also closer to each other.

Difference In Playing Acoustic And Electric Guitar

The acoustic guitar and the electric guitar certainly have their own differences. They are not the same as they seem. The electric guitar has lighter strings and a thinner neck to support the strings. This makes it easier to hold the neck and handle the strings.

The electric guitar is also much lighter in weight, compare to the acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar is heavier in weight and hence much harder to hold. They are also larger than the electric guitar which also makes it harder to hold. The sound between the two guitars is also very different.

How Much Should I Spend On My First Guitar?

The first guitar is a big step for an upcoming musician. The first guitar is a special move for someone who wants to pursue music, either professionally or as a hobby. When buying your first guitar, you should make sure that it is one of the best quality. This is because getting a bad guitar might get you to learn in a different way that is not helpful.

A good guitar to start with might cost you around $200-$500. At this price, you are sure that you will not get a guitar that is garbage. A good guitar to start with gives you a good foundation to begin with.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar?

Just like any other skill, learning how to play a guitar take some time. On average, learning how to play a guitar takes around 6 to 18 months. However, this time period does not apply to everybody. Each and every person takes their own pace to learn something. It also depends on how much time you spend practicing. Like any other skill, practice makes perfect. If you involve yourself actively into perfecting the skill, there is no reason why you should not be a maestro within the estimated time. Once you’ve mastered the chords, everything else will become simple.

How Many Guitar Chords Are There?

For one to be a maestro in playing the guitar, there are some concepts that you have to grasp well. The concept is the mastery of the chords. There are five chords in a guitar. Chords are harmonic sets of pitches consisting of multiple notes that are heard as if the sound simultaneously. The five major chords are as follows;

The E chord

The G chord

The C chord

The A chord

The D chord

The word “Major” is used to describe the quality of the chord. A mastery of the chords guarantees a mastery of playing the guitar.

Is Bass Easier Than Guitar?

The bass guitar is an instrumental part in a rock band. Though it is not considered to be as important as the other instruments, it is important as it creates a steady rhythm for the song. Since the bass guitar is used to create a steady rhythm to the song, the notes that are played are very few. Actually, in an entire song, a bass player might end up only playing three basic root notes. This makes the bass easier to play than the guitars. Coupled with bass being easier than pick-up, being a bass player on a rock band is easier than being a guitarist.

What Is The Easiest Guitar To Play?

The electric guitar is considered to be the easiest guitar to play. This is because the electric guitar has thinner strings which make them easier to press down. The electric guitar is also smaller in size than all other guitars. This makes it much easier to handle and hold. It also makes it more comfortable to play.

When playing an electric guitar, there is little action required when playing it. These factors make it the easiest guitar to play. When you connect the electric guitar to an external speaker or amplifier, a better sound is produced and therefore it gives the player a better experience.

Transitioning From Acoustic To Electric Guitar

Most beginners prefer to begin with acoustic guitars when they want to learn how to play a guitar. After a while, one may want to transition from the acoustic guitar to the electric guitar. This move might seem to be a challenge, but it is not a big deal. Actually, moving from an acoustic guitar to an electric guitar is relieving to the fingers and the morale of the player.

The electric guitar is easier to play and that is why the morale increase is experienced. The concept of playing the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar is the same. This means that the transition will not be any challenge at all.


Music is a really special part in our lives. Considering that it can be used to stir any mood to anyone, it is truly a powerful instrument. Music has evolved over the years to become something big. Each and every person has used their creativity to the fullest to create music of their own.

This has led to the creation of different instruments. A guitar, for example, has been used all over the world to create music of different types. All types of guitars are equal because all of them are used in their own way to create something special, music.

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