Is It Better To Learn Acoustic Guitar Before Electric?

When it comes to choosing the guitar to start with as a beginner, it would be difficult to choose. This is because, we all have different preferences and our exposure also matters a lot. There are those who have been exposed to acoustic guitar for a long time. For such a person, they would tend to choose an acoustic guitar over the electric guitar. At the same time, there are those who have been exposed to electric guitar.

Acoustic stringed guitars are definitely the best choice for any beginner. This is because, they are easier to play and get results with just a little effort. It is however advisable to choose the guitar of your dream. That guitar that you have also desired to play and you constantly envision yourself playing.

Playing guitar is an experience that no words can be enough to explain. The sound of a guitar doesn’t only make the song sound sweet to the guitarist but also to the audience. Although there is no specific electric guitar that will be easier for the beginner, there are some that are more preferred.

However, if you must play electric, Fender Telecaster might be the best choice for many beginners.

Is It Hard To Learn Electric Guitar?

Playing any kind of guitar as a beginner is not easy. The first few days or months might seem to be a big challenge. However, once you are able to play a few songs, it starts becoming much easier and more fun. If you also have the passion of learning nothing seems to be too difficult to handle.

However, when it comes to preference, many learners as well as trainers prefer using the electric guitar for beginners. This is because, it is assumed to be pretty easier to play compared to the other types of guitars.

Why Acoustic Is Better Than Electric?

When it comes to training guitar players, many trainers prefer steel-stringed acoustic guitars. This is because; making an acoustic guitar sound good is much easier than an electric guitar. Therefore, this works as a good motivator for beginners before they are able to play more sensitive chords. The electric guitar has very many different tones like 3-5 pickup positions, amp tones and channels, on-board effects and many more.

The dozens of tones on electric guitar interact with each other when one is playing the guitar creating endless permutations. This is one of the most favorite things for advanced and intermediate guitarists. But for beginners it is a recipe for tragedy.

If I Can Play Acoustic Guitar Can I Play Electric

Playing acoustic guitar gives you the confidence of handling any challenge in guitar playing. However, this doesn’t mean that once you become an expert in acoustic guitar you can handle any type of guitar. The truth is, playing electric guitar has its own challenges that an individual must learn how to deal with.

Many trainers recommend one to start playing an electric guitar 4-8 months after learning the acoustic guitar. Once you get the fundamentals of guitar playing in place, it will be very easy to enjoy playing your electric guitar. This will however be much easier than for a beginner.

Difference In Playing Acoustic And Electric Guitar

When it comes to the strings of the acoustic and electric guitars, there is no difference. The strings and the notes on the two guitars are very much the same. However, the electric guitars have a faintly larger range than the acoustic guitar. This is because; it is much easier to achieve higher notes when playing an electric guitar.

At the same time, it is possible to amplify electric guitar but an acoustic guitar cannot. Therefore, it makes it easier to play around tunes using an electric guitar once you become an expert in guitar playing.

How Much Should I Spend On My First Guitar?

When it comes to the amount of money you should spend on your first guitar, it becomes quite challenging. Although it is not good to spend too much money, there is also no reason of buying a cheap one. According to experts, they say the cheapest guitar you should buy as a beginner should not be below $200.

Although there are guitars for as low as $150 they are useless and will not serve you long enough. If you are good pocket wise, you can go for one above the $200 range maybe to highest of $500 or $800.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar?

One thing that is very difficult to tell is the minimum time one can take to learn guitar. This is because; we are all wired differently and have different abilities and learning capacities. There are people who will start a class and within a month of total commitment, they can play a number of songs.

At the same time, there are people who will only achieve some results after three to six months. However, the set minimum time one should be able to get the basics of guitar-playing is 3 months. If you give it your best, within three months you can enjoy your favorite guitar tunes.

How Many Guitar Chords Are There?

When it comes to guitar chords, there are a total of 12. However, for a beginner, they are emphasized to learn the 5 major chords. The five Major chords are; E, G, C, A, and D. Just as the word suggests ‘Major’ is used in guitar lessons to represent the quality of a chord. There are both ‘Major’ (those with high quality) and there are ‘Minor’ (those of low quality).

Once you learn and are able to master the five Major chords, mastering the 7 Minor will be very easy. This marks the beginning of your guitar lessons.

Is Bass Easier Than Guitar?

Playing bass can be said to be much easier compared to playing any other guitar. This is however true for beginners as it is much easier to start your guitar lessons with a bass than a guitar. However, when you advance and want to become a pro, guitar is more preferred than a bass.

It is easier to become an expert in guitar playing than it is when playing bass. This is usually caused by the size of the bass as well as the thickness of the bass strings. Fretting notes with thick strings is a challenge for many guitarists.

What Is The Easiest Guitar To Play?

When guitarists are starting out, they tend to ask this question a lot. This however highly depends on an individual. There are people who feel acoustic guitar is easier to play than electric guitar while others feel the opposite. However, many experts advise beginners to start with an acoustic guitar.

Once you are well acquainted with the acoustic guitar, playing electric guitar will be very easy. Acoustic guitar is easier to play, easier to learn and to sound good. Therefore, playing an understandable tune becomes very easy and encouraging than with an electric guitar and the rest.

Transitioning From Acoustic to Electric Guitar

According to opinions from many players, transitioning from acoustic guitar is far much easier than the reverse. This explains the reason why many music schools and guitar trainers prefer using acoustic guitar for beginners. When you are good in playing acoustic guitar, you develop your chord skills and finger conditioning. This comes in handy when you want to move to playing any other guitar and especially electric.  

The skills learn in playing acoustic guitar are the same skills applied in playing electric guitar. Therefore, switching over to electric guitar from acoustic will definitely be very easy and fast.


Many trainers advise students to go with the guitar of their choice. Although they will give you the guideline on what seems favorable, the best thing is to go with your own desire. Remember, there is nothing as stronger as passion. Therefore, if you allow your passion to lead you, you will be ready to make any sacrifice to fulfill it.

At the same time, if you go with the guitar of your choice, you do some basic training ahead of time. This makes it easier for you and your trainer to go through the actual lessons.

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