What is an Audio Mixer Amplifier?

Entertainment is an ever-growing industry with so many innovations coming along the way to make it better. One of these innovations is the audio mixer amplifier which is greatly used in the enhancement of the audio/visual experience.

An audio mixer amplifier is especially important in providing audio/visual presentations for large audiences in large rooms. Audio mixer amplifiers are also suitable when one needs to make an audio track from different audio sources and combine it with a video. In addition, having amplification together with mixing, increases the portability of a PA system thus used anywhere.

All you need to know about audio mixers and amplifiers

Therefore, it can be generalized that audio mixer amplifiers are good instruments to make audio/visual experiences more enjoyable. On the other hand, they are quite affordable and not very complicated to use. They are used in conferences with large audiences for good a-udio/visual presentations and also used when entertained people especially when playing music videos or watching movies.   

An audio mixer amplifier is an electronic device that is used to enhance the audio/visual experience in the following ways:

  1. It can be used to enhance the sound signal which enables the sound to reach further corners of the room.
  2. The audio mixer amplifier is also used to change the different audio signals or even change the timbre or the dynamics of the sound. The device is easily used to effortlessly combine the preferred sound with the video to provide an amazing audio/visual experience.

This device is used in different areas of work. It can be used for entertainment and can also be used in businesses and many other areas. These areas range from public address systems, recording studios, sound reinforcement systems, film post-production and many other areas.

The audio mixer amplifier makes things much more interesting and keeps things quite vibrant. As such, it boosts the understanding of various issues when used in conferences and other official areas as the audience receives an audio/visual experience and hence therefore enhancing their understanding. It is also used in concerts to enhance sound signal and videos if necessary. Furthermore, it is used in the movies industry as it is used in film post-production.

What Does an Audio Mixer do?

An audio mixer is used to change the quality and levels of audio signals to provide the best audio/visual experience as possible. This device is also called the mixing console, a mixer or a soundboard. Using the audio mixer is one of the most effective ways of combining various audio signals. The audio mixer is, on the other hand, terrific in alternating the timbre and dynamics of the sound hence making the experience much better.

The latest high-end mixers which are readily available today can be used to integrate the analog and digital sound signals. One can integrate the audio with the video. This makes it possible for one to develop an incredibly coherent and consistent audio/visual experience.

When this device is in operation, the signal produced by the audio mixer is directly sent to the amplifier. This increases the sound output and enables the audience to really enjoy the music.

What Does an Amplifier do?

An amplifier is an electronic device which is used to modulate the amplitude of the sound signal. The sound signal is usually a current or a voltage. Therefore, an amplifier is required because most of the amplifiers available in the market today are very effective in increasing the sound signal. This enables the sound to reach the furthest corners of the room.

The amplifier has two important components; the gain of the amplifier and the transfer function. The transfer function is meant to determine the relationship of the input of the amplifier to the output of the amplifier. The gain of the amplifier is the magnitude of the transfer function. The amplifier is quite a good device to be used to enhance sound signals. It is also very efficient when connected to an audio mixer for the ultimate audio/visual experience.

Do I need an Audio Mixer

An audio mixer is very important especially if you are majoring in careers that involve a lot of audio/visual presentations. People such as DJ’s use audio mixers in their line of work for example when they are hosting a concert. The audio mixer is also used in the film industry especially in the film post-production of various films.

However, if you need the services of an audio mixer and you currently do not own one. One can simply hire from other companies. In conclusion, I can rightfully say that owning an audio mixer is not bad at all if you are a frequent user.

Types of Audio Mixers

There is quite a wide variety of audio mixers in the market today. They are as follows;

  1. Analog mixers– some people still prefer to use analog mixers because of their ease to use and their low prices.
  2. Digital mixers– They are much more advanced than the analog mixers. However, it complexity and amazing features does come with a price which bothers some.
  3. Software mixers- These are simply mixers that one can get from an application on a phone or a tablet. This type of mixer is ideal as it saves the costs of buying the analog or digital mixers.
  4. Powered mixers– These are speakers that can be used when the main and monitor speakers are unpowered.
  5. Live sound package– It is a mixer that is considered when one is especially handling live shows.
  6. DJ mixers– These are designed especially for situations where the music needs to be flowing seamlessly.

How to Operate Mixer Sound Board

The operation of a mixer sound board can be highlighted as below:

  1. One has to familiarize themselves with the mixer channels.
  2. Using the knob at the top labeled “gain” or “sens” or “trim” to adjust the input volume.
  3. One needs to equalize some frequencies to achieve better sound or to remove unwanted noises.
  4. Auxiliary outputs are incredibly useful in controlling how much of that signals from that channel gets sent out.
  5. One needs a fader to set the volume of that channel’s mix.
  6. Lastly, bushes, which are basically a routing system, are needed to assign that channel to one or more of these subgroups.

Which Audio Mixer is the Best?

There is really no way to tell which the best audio mixer. This is because each user has a certain type of preference for an audio mixer. There are quite a number of audio mixers in the market which are of very high quality and highly coveted by many. This however changes depending on the people who review these instruments into a higher level. Some of the best mixers available in the market today are as follows;

  1. Presonus Studiolive 24.4.4Al Active Intergration Digital Mixer
  2. Peavey Pvi 6500 400-Watt 5-Channel Powered Mixer
  3. Zoom Livetrak L-12
  4. Mackie 1604vlz4 16-Channel Cmpact 4-Bus Mixer
  5. Behringer X Air X 18

How to Connect Mixer to Amplifier

Connecting a mixer to an amplifier can be done as follows;

  1. Make sure that the mixer and the amplifier are turned off and disconnected from any power source
  2. Insert either end of the guitar cable to the input port of the amplifier.
  3. Insert the other end of the guitar cable into the “Main Out” port of the mixer.
  4. Plug the two-prong end of the adapter for the mixer into an outlet. Connect the other end of the adapter to the back input on the mixer.
  5. Plug in the power supply for the amplifier into an outlet and flip on the switch.


An audio mixer amplifier is one of the devices that has revolutionized entertainment and created a pathway for many people. It is widely being used all over the world and has created a career for so many people. It helped in the production of better sound signals and has greatly improved the audio/visual experience for many people.

Audio mixer amplifiers can be very easy to use only if one is dedicated to it. There are different types of audio mixers and amplifiers and are of good quality. The choice of an audio mixer depends on the preferences of the buyer and the purpose of purchasing the item. 

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