What Is The Difference Between A Violin And A Guitar?

Violin and guitar are both musical instruments that make the melody of a song better and more entertaining. Violin and guitar have a lot of similarities and at the same time, they have several differences. One of the most common similarities is that the two instruments are played by plucking.

The most notable difference between the two is that the guitar is played by fingers or a picker. When it comes to playing a violin, it is done using a bow. Therefore, when choosing on which instrument to start learning, first learn the basics of them both.

Violin and guitar are both musical instruments. However, the two have major differences in their make and how they are played. They are also different in their classification and many other ways. Some of these differences are:

  • A violin player uses a bow in plucking while a guitar player uses their fingers or a pick.
  • Guitars are made of different materials like wood, steel strings or nylon. However, a violin is made using different types of wood except the electric violin.
  • Guitars are mainly classified in three: archtop guitar, steel-string acoustic guitar and the classical guitar. But violin only has viola and the cello.

What Is Harder To Play Guitar Or Violin?

This might be a difficult question to answer as the two instruments have their own advantages and their disadvantages. For beginners, playing guitar seems to be a bit fun and easy compared to playing violin. This is because, if you are keen enough, you will be able to produce better sound with a guitar within one week. However, with a violin, in a period of one week, you will have gotten nothing of substance.

When you become an expert in violin playing, it now seems to be much easier compared to a guitar. However, the fact that violins are not as readily available as guitars makes people favor guitar over violin.

Is Guitar Better Than Violin?

When you are not completely decided on which musical instrument you want to learn, this becomes a common puzzle. The fact that these two instruments appear very closely related makes them hard to choose for a beginner. However, before you listen from an expert’s point of view, it is important to make a personal choice.

Both the violin and the guitar have their own pros and cons and none can be said to be better than the other. Therefore, when choosing what to learn between the two, choose what you are comfortable with. However, the fears that violin can make you deaf on your left ear with time give guitar an upper hand.

Which Is The Hardest Instrument To Learn?

Although music is very dynamic, throwing in musical instruments makes it even better. Musical instruments are however very different when it comes to learning and mastering them. Among all the musical instruments, violin has been highlighted as the most difficult to learn and to master. Becoming an expert in playing violin takes years of practice.

The second most difficult musical instrument to master is the French horn. Although very beautiful to look at, it is among the most difficult brass musical instruments to play. Missing notes while playing a French horn is very easy as it only takes placing your lips wrongly.

How Much Does A Violin Cost?

Just like any other product, violins have different prices. There are those that are highly affordable while others are a bit costly. However, as a beginner, it is advisable to buy an instrument that will suit your current abilities. Don’t go for a violin that is too complicated but at the same time, don’t go for a very cheap product.

Therefore, when budgeting for a good violin, your budget should be not lower than $200. Most student violins range from $100 to $400 but an intermediate violin could be a better compromise. The intermediate ranges from $400 to $1000.

What Should I Choose To Learn, The Violin Or The Guitar? Why?

Although following your heart is important, it is also advisable to start with something that is not too difficult. When it comes to choosing between learning to play violin or a guitar, a guitar should be the best choice.  There are various reasons as to why guitar is more preferred than violin. Some of them are:

  • It is easier to learn and play guitar compared to a violin.
  • Guitar is more reasonable for a singer than a violin.
  • It is possible to play guitar for the rest of your life without any fears of ear damage unlike with playing violin.

Violin Or Classical Guitar

When it comes to a beginner, learning how to play classical guitar is the most difficult among the other guitars. Although any musical instrument you decide to learn takes a lot of sacrifice and effort, some are more demanding than others. However, when comparing a violin or a classical guitar, a violin is far much difficult than a classical guitar.

Violin and classical guitar are only same in the sense that both are string instruments. At the same time, classical guitar experts can also be able to play a few violin repertoires. This however, doesn’t mean they can play violin.

Is Violin Good For Brain?

Research has been done and proven that playing any musical instrument makes you smarter. At the same time, it is claimed that regular playing of a musical instrument changes the shape and the power of your brain. Musical instruments can also be used in improving cognitive skills therapy. Apart from that, it also increases your IQ by seven points.

The effects of playing instruments is not only effective in adults only but also in children. Learning how to play violin increases your verbal memory, literacy skills as well as spatial reasoning. Last but not least, it strengths your memory power as you are able to use both side of the brain.

How Many Years Does It Take To Learn Violin?

Just as we had indicated before, playing violin has been rated as the most difficult exercise in music. Although playing other musical instruments is also challenging and calls for great commitment, violin demands more. This means, that learning to play violin to an expert level will definitely take longer than any other instrument.

When other instruments require a few months to become a pro, learning to play violin takes years. Getting to an expert level will take approximately 5 years of dedicated practice. However, within the first year, you’ll be good with the basics and will be able to play a few songs.

Is It Good To Learn Guitar?

Learning an extra skill from your common life is an interesting thing to do. Learning to play music instruments can be one of the most interesting ways of enjoying your free time. As long as you are patient, dedicated, hardworking, and has the will power, you can play any musical instrument without any struggle.

Playing guitar has been said to be a form of therapy practiced in schools, heath organizations and charities. This is becoming more popular for helping people manage stress, improve their communication and motor skills and enhance their memory. Therefore, learning to play guitar is a great decision.

Which Is The Easiest Instrument To Learn?

If you are interested in music and don’t know where to start, here are a few instruments you can choose from.

  • Ukulele

The easiest instrument to play for an adult is the Ukulele. Apart from it being easy to learn, it is also cheaper.

  • Harmonica

Whether you are playing folk songs, country music, jazz or rock, harmonica will come in handy for you as an adult. They are also very easy to carry around.

  • Piano

Piano is also a great instrument to try out as an adult. The advantage of piano is that it is also not very complicated for kids so you can enjoy it as a family.


Although a violin seems to look so much alike, they are two very different musical instruments. These two instruments are different in both the way they operate and also in their formation. At the same time, they bring different feeling in a song. Therefore, they are both equally important and none can be chosen over the other.

If you are a patient, hardworking, committed and teachable person, you can try out the two instruments. Learning to play violin and a guitar will make you stand out among your peers. At the same time, you’ll enjoy music more than the rest.

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